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Old Colorado City History Center Museum: A Local Treasure

If you're looking for a unique and interesting place to visit in Colorado Springs, the Old Colorado City History Center Museum is worth checking out. This small museum is packed with local history and artifacts, providing a fascinating glimpse into the area's past. If you're interested in learning more about Old Colorado City and its history, this is the perfect place to start. Visit this link for more information.


The Old Colorado City History Center Museum is one of the most unique and interesting museums. It is a must-see for anyone interested in local history or just looking for a fun place to spend an afternoon. Read about Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum: A Step Back in Time here.

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The museum is located in the historic district of Old Colorado City, which was once the capital of the Colorado Territory. The building that houses the museum was built in 1859 and served as a stagecoach stop, hotel, and grocery store before being converted into a museum in 1977.


The museum contains a wealth of information about the history of Old Colorado City and the Pikes Peak region. Exhibits showcase many aspects of life during the early days of settlement, pioneer life, Native American culture, the Gold Rush, etc. The museum also has an extensive collection of local artifacts, photographs, and documents.


Whether you're a history buff or just looking for a fun place to visit, the Old Colorado City History Center Museum is worth a stop. It's one of the best museums in the area and a real treasure for anyone interested in learning about our local history.

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